Vanís is known for the installation kits allowing you to add high amp power to vehicles.


Vans is an automotive warehouse specializing in vehicle electrical systems.  Along with supplying product from 45 different manufacturers of quality automotive products, Vans has the know how to make these products work for you.

Vans has installation kits for single alternator applications with maximum amperage output of 320 amps and dual alternator kits with amperage output starting at 260 amps.  Most manufacturers makes and models are upgradeable with hi-amp charging systems.

Pictured upper-right is our dual alternator kit for the 6.0L Chevrolet truck motor.  Two 200 amp alternators will satisfy even the uppermost electrical system loads.  Lower right is a dual alternator kit for Fords 6.0L diesel.

An associated company, Vans Rebuilts, Inc.

Van's Electrical Systems LogoDual 200 amp alternator setup on a 6.0L Chevrolet engine in a 2500HD pickupFord 6.0L diesel dual alternator kit from VansPicture of the Van's Electrical Systems customer entry at 1850 Oliver Ave, Indianapolis, IN

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